COOLSPRING 2002 - Fall Show

Sandra, Becky and I arrived Tuesday at about noon. Sandra was driving my parents Toyota/Dolphin motor home and I was towing the 6 hp Myric on its' display trailer. We did our set-up in the same location as for the Spring Show.

When we arrived, we were alone in the 4-acre display/vendor area.

Tuesday was nice, but Wednesday brought rain and 40 degree weather, so we were cold AND wet, as opposed to the Spring Show, where we were just wet. Wednesday also brought some more vendors.


Once again Jake Faith kept things from going awry in the display area.

Here is Jake directing a rather inattentive newcomer to a space.

Jake is rather well known for his Civil Engineering abilities and in fact has a roadway named for him.

Well, it wasn't long until the area resembled a mud hole.

This was a Swap Meet, and while we didn't bring much to sell, most everyone else did. This is the place to secure a Winter Project.

Engines are brought by the truck and trailer load, from across the country. If parts are needed, Mr. Meeks, out of Canada, has a rather large selection.

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