We went to Coolspring for the Spring 2000 show and stayed for three days. Below is our 6 hp Myric running on Propane.



In the picture above, nearest the Myric is JenDog, then her husband Doug, owner of the van, and my wife, Sandra. I don't see our dog, Becky, but see was there too !!!





 Our son-in-law, Doug, brought a lot of stuff, including a rather rare Snapper mower. Notice the turtle head on the front. This has found a new home in Indiana. There's Becky !!!!, between the legs. She had foiled an attempted burglary at the Hotel in Punxy the night before, and is undoubtedly looking for more evil-doers.













Doug also brought one of his 6 HP Stovers. This one is on rubber and works rather well. It is the fastest starting engine I have ever seen and the rubber tires make it very easy to move. A Grey Engine