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2008 NRA BB Gun PA Championship Match

Bellwood BB Match March 9, 2008

A Comparison of Two Safeties 

Photos of Bullets in Flight

The Swedish Bolt Handle Modification, by a Swedish Arsenal!!

A Mauser Bolt Handle Job

Wagners Firearms !!!!!

A Globe Front Sight for the AR !!!!

Installation Instructions for the AR style Extended Bolt Realease

I now have AR15/M16 Competition Bolt Release Extensions FOR SALE!!!

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Gas Engine Design - with thanks to Lindsay Publications

Coolspring 2000

Smithing Tools - What, Where and How Much

Reloading Thoughts

HiPower Rifle -
You Need This

Engine Indicator

Coolspring 2000/Fall

The Mosin-Nagant Sporter Project

Things To Do With a Turkish Mauser

AR-15 / M-16 Magazine Modifications

Removing a Stuck Case

F-Class (Tactical / Sniper Style) Rifle Competitions in Central PA

CrankShaft Position Indicator

Coolspring 2001


Building a Mauser Match Rifle

Straightening the Rear Sight on the AR-15/ M-16

Case Preparation

Western PA .30 Cal Match Schedule - Reade Range

Piezo Ignitor Life Cycle Test

Coolspring 2001/Fall

Steve's Thoughts on Headspace

Bob's Rifles, or Sporterizing some Turks

Installing an AR style Service Rifle Float Tube

Reloading Practice

Unknown Distance Match

Rebuilding an LA/LB Fuel Tank and More!

Coolspring 2002

Build a Coating Curing Oven

Mauser Stuff in General

AR Front Sight Base Mods

Some Match Scores and Pictures

Making a Stover CT-3 Run

Coolspring 2002 - Fall

Mauser Bolt Fixture

Repair A CZ-52 Firing Pin



Gaining Some Elevation with a Flat-Top Rear Sight

Webster Magneto/Ignitor Shaft Build-Up

Coolspring 2003

Mauser Bolt Sleeve Tuning

NoWeld-NoTap Mauser Bolt Handle

M16/AR15 Ejector Mods.

Filling Propane Tanks

Making an ABSOLUTE Headspace Gauge

Stamping Guide for Marking Barrels

1922 Mauser ReDo/ReBarrel

Make a Torque Shoulder Lap

Sporterizing an M96

6.5x55 Match Rifle

Make a Small Screw Holder


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